About Us

These are the most advanced and secure way to prevent inappropriate usage of Digital works without knowledge of Owner. Amekart.com is an NFT market aimed at securing the digital works of the creators. We are committed to facilitate the digital creators in getting them the right benefit and to provide Digital collectors with different items. The users can trade in AME tokens also.

NFTs can be compared to the manual signature on a painting. It can’t be duplicated or recreated or even deleted. They are unique and the users in our platform can either bid their artwork or instantly sell them.

They can also fix terms which includes multiple downloads or single copy download. The tokens can be created in ERC-721 or ERC-1155. The collectibles include digital art, audio, video, gifs, images and other assets. Amepay has decided to foray into NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) Market to address the most commonly faced issue by Digital creators – inappropriate royalty and plagiarism. The ownership is recorded in Block chain and it can’t be duplicated or interchanged.